Nature is where I feel connected and in tune with the rhythms of the world. It is my escape from outside stresses and my meditation space.

She is our Source, our Mother, our Gaia.

When I journey within nature I usually am barefoot, stopping frequently to peer into the tiny little worlds at my feet. These little mossy, mushroomy ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest forests are like stepping into a fairy kingdom. This is where I draw my inspirations for my work, through the art of Electroforming I am able to encapsulate the pieces of nature that I find. It has opened my eyes even more to the foods and medicines around me, teaching me of the importance of a sustainable future. A way to return to the garden so that we may have a chance for survival in the coming shifts in the world's ever moving wheel of change and growth.

 I have had a long fascination with the natural world, having grown up in rural BC. Going on hikes with my mom and family they would be pointing out the wild plants around us, telling us their names and their traditional uses by the local Secwepmc First Nations people. This knowledge,  respect and reverence with nature instilled within me a need to honour it. By sharing my loving connection I hope to raise awareness and instill a love within the outside world.

My aim with Fern Jilly is to highlight the world around us, showing it's wild strengths, beauty, medicines and its fragility in this shifting time. Deepening our connection and relations with nature is of the upmost importance.

I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I have in connecting with them and bringing them to life.