The Art of Electroforming

Growth, time and magic are the wilds of Electroforming.

The process of electroforming is similar to electroplating, in that they plate metal using electricity and an electrolyte solution.

Electroplating- The deposition of metal on metal.

Electroforming- The deposition of metal onto a surface that has been made conductive.

Through this amazing process I am able to encapsulate and capture the little trinkets of nature that I find on my journeys and explorations. At times this process can become a mysterious creature that can give a jewellery piece that I was working on a different look from what I had originally intended. Growing bumps, textures and patterns over a once smooth surface. This lends a unique and one of a kind quality that has a life and character of its own, while still hinting at what it once was.

To allow the life within my jewellery creations to come forward and reveal themselves,  I choose not to seal my electroformed pieces. This allows my copper to gain a patina over time, creating it's own story and life.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my jewellery creations as much as I have enjoyed crafting them.